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About Us

     Losing a pet is never easy, and the many feelings and questions that accompany the loss do not make the situation any easier. At Augusta Pet Crematory, we understand this, which is why we offer services and products that are uniquely tailored to the caring humans who want to do the right thing for their pets. We know that, to many people, their pet is a member of the family. As such, the the pet should be treated with respect, even after death, and that closure is necessary. 


     I buried my favorite dog Brownie in the mid 80's at the home of my parents. They have since moved and Brownie's remains are buried in the yard of a stranger. Had cremation been an option at the time, he would still be with me today or at least in a place that I know his remains are safe.


     Many pet owners are choosing cremation as the final disposition of their beloved pet. The reason may be that they don't wish to dig the grave or maybe because the remains can be held with them - wherever they happen to live

     Augusta Pet Crematory is owned and operated by licensed funeral directors. We have served grieving families in the Augusta area since 1934 and will continue to do so with our pet cremation services.

     Augusta Pet Crematory offers individual cremation. We also offer witnessed cremation service as some people wish to be with their pets through out the entire process. Urns are available in different designs and price ranges. 


     Pick-up arrangements can be made from your vet or home, with short term holding facilities available should you need them. 

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